The Family Attends Park Street Church

Park Street Church as seen from Suffolk University Law School, 9.28.2012, courtesy of David BruceFollowing World War II, Daddy [Taylor] left the Navy and we returned from the Philadelphia area to Boston. Since Mother [Virginia] and four of the six children had found Christ during the war years, we needed a solid, Bible teaching church and a friend suggested Park Street. We found what we needed and began growing in Christ. All us teens found great friends and areas of service. I played piano for the Mayflower Pulpit services and Singspiration. Three of my brothers rang the church bell, among many other things.

Through various meetings while still in high school, I felt God’s call to missions, though I didn’t know where. Youth for Christ met at Park Street and in one of those meetings, for the first time, I heard of Europe as a needy mission field and God spoke to me that very night about serving there. I looked forward to the Missions Conference every year, and was amazed at how the missions’ emphasis was evidenced throughout the year.

Then I met [my husband] Harley [Smith] and separately and together we appreciated and benefited from the ministry of Park Street.

written by Betty for Colin Duncan (Bob’s son), March 18, 2011

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