More Stories on Paul and Kathryn

I haven’t added any stories on Paul and Kathryn yet. Some are coming, but I have too few of their stories to record. Do you have stories to add? I’d love to hear them.

Here are some details you might include:

  • Where were you when your stories happened? What were you doing at the time?
  • From whom did you hear the stories?
  • In which season or year did these stories take place?
  • What else was going on at the time? In the world, in the church, in your home?
  • What house was the family living in? What was the address?
  • Name the make and model of the family car at that time. What color was it?

Type your name and an email address* that you check frequently in the appropriate fields below. (You may need to click “Leave a Reply” above to make these fields appear.) Then write your story or the body of your comment under “Add to the Story” and click “Submit.”

*Everyone who comments is required to enter his or her email address so that I know where the comment is coming from. After you click “Submit,” your comment and your email appear to you on the website, but not to anyone else. Only I will see your information. WordPress, which hosts this site, will not use your email for spam.

Thank you for writing to me!

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