Virginia Accepts the Lord

This was in Washington. We went to Washington DC then, where Daddy had a job. He was an auditor, an accountant with the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. He was considered a top-notch accountant. He was a CPA in the state of Pennsylvania and in the state of New York and in the state of . . . ah . . .

[Barbara]: Go ahead. In the state of? In where?

In Philadelphia, New York, and in Washington. He had a CPA. He was a very smart man.

[Barbara]: You’re doing all the talking on this tape. I’m wondering how long your voice is going to hold out almost single-handedly in this conversation. You’re doing all the talking with a few interruptions.

I was married in June. June? July? July I guess [July 25/26, 1925]. I became pregnant about six months later than that. We went up to Connecticut to my mother’s house. That’s where I had the baby. Lee was born in Connecticut [b. October 26, 1927].

[Barbara]: At home?

No. I went to the hospital. That was the only baby I had in the hospital.

[Barbara]: Is that right? OK.

All the rest, I had them at home.

[Barbara]: Isn’t that funny.

I went to the hospital. I didn’t have much trouble. I was 26 years old, you know, so I guess I was young enough and strong enough that I. . . . ‘Course it was not easy. No birth is easy. I don’t have to tell you that.

[Barbara]: So you named her?

I named her Virginia Lee. Well, her father named her. He liked, he loved Lee. He loved General Lee, so he wanted to name her Lee after General Lee.

[Barbara]: Well that’s a very interesting bit of information. I just found out on your last trip here. Because we have a Barbie Lee [b. May 30, 1976; daughter of Wally]. And of course, let’s see, the new baby in Bob’s family is Jessica Lee [b. July 2, 1987; granddaughter of Bob]. And I’m sure there are other Lees. But I never realized that the derivative of that was. . . .

You did name her after my Virginia Lee?

[Barbara]: Yeah, we did. We thought it was a nice-sounding name, but primarily it was because we had an Aunt Lee that we really loved. But it’s interesting that where it really came from was General Lee and I never knew that.

General Lee.

Then we went back to Philadelphia to live and we lived in what is known as Chester Avenue in Philadelphia. Out, you know, out . . . in Philadelphia. After that we moved to Menoa in Philadelphia. And from Menoa, we . . . then the war came along again. See this was the next World War. Daddy went back into the service. . . .

[Barbara]: Well wait a minute, back to Philadelphia because I know Wally was born in Haverford.


[Barbara]: So it was in that time that you were in Philadelphia that you went from Connecticut with Lee and then to Philadelphia.

I went back and forth. We went back and forth. We moved two or three times.

[Barbara]: But now Wally was born how many months later? Eighteen months later, I think you told me.

Well, first Lee was born, you know. She’s the oldest. Then Wally [b. May 9, 1929]. They were all born in Menoa.

[Barbara]: Oh, Menoa! At home this time, though.

At home, yeah. And then Betty was born in Menoa. Then we went to Drexel Hill.

325 Riverview Ave, Drexel Hill, PA, n.d.  courtesy of Colin Duncan[Barbara]: What was the address there? [325 Riverview Cove, Drexel Hill, PA].

I can’t remember.

[Barbara]: You can’t remember. We tried the other day to figure that out.

I could take you to it, but I do not remember what that. . . . I think Wally asked me that the other day.

[Barbara]: Yeah, we had met that gentleman.

I cannot remember. I know that it was in Drexel Hill.

In the meantime, you know, I had met Mrs. Caley of the Caleys. Wendell and all of that Caley family and Wally were very friendly.

[Barbara]: Of course.

She was the one that introduced me to the Aldan Union Church [7 East Providence Road, Aldan, PA 19018]. Wayland Baptist Church, 11603 South Wayland Road, Meadville, PA 16335We didn’t go to that Wayland Baptist Church [11603 South Wayland Road, Meadville, PA 16335] very long because we moved away, see? So then I went to the Aldan Union Church and that is where we really found the Lord, you know. I can’t remember exactly, but I do think that that’s where I was saved. It was in the Aldan Union Church.

[Barbara]: That’s a story, yeah. Mrs. Caley worked on you for a time, didn’t she?

Oh, yeah, she worked. Every time I’d come out the door, it seemed like she was standing there waiting for me because she kept wanting me to go over to that church. Before that, you know, my husband was a Baptist and he wanted me to go to the Baptist church. Well, I went to the Baptist church but it was so uninteresting to me. It was so cold in that church as far as people were concerned.

[Barbara]: Now by this time, you had a growing family. You had what, three children? Four children?

Four children, yeah?

[Barbara]: You had four children.

Aldan Union Church, 7 East Providence Road, Aldan, PA 19018Anyway, we all went over to the U and I never was sorry. That was the most glorious church. That’s really where I found the lord in all his glory. I tell you I almost lived in that church. It was because my husband was away, you know.

[Barbara]: Tell me how you met the Lord. You probably want to put that down. That’s probably one of the best stories you have.

How I met the Lord?

[Barbara]: Yeah.

Well, he gave the invitation. We went into the Sunday; no, it was the daily vacation Bible school. We were all assembled together in this outer room. He said, “Is there anybody would like to give their heart to the Lord?” or something. I don’t know how he put it. Anyway, I was so thrilled. I can never tell you the way the Lord spoke to me about becoming his child. Here I thought I’d been saved many times before. In Washington and so on, I went to the church. Many times I thought I was accepting him, but this was a real acceptance under Mr. Dean. His name was Mr. William Allan Dean.

He gave this invitation: “Wouldn’t you like to accept the Lord as your savior?” I raised my hand and almost in a trance, I walked forward. I just took more courage than you have any idea. Here I was an old Episcopalian. They don’t do it that way, you know. When you got to be twelve years old, you got confirmed and that’s when you really was supposed to accept the Lord.

Anyway, that was the beginning of my interest. I always say I have to thank Mrs. Nell Caley for my salvation. She never left me alone. She was bound I was going to go over to that church. The funny part of it was they didn’t stay in that church very long themselves. They left me there, not having her to talk to me or anything. I just considered that the Lord called me and I accepted him wholeheartedly at that time. So that was the beginning of my interest in things Christian.

[Barbara]: Now the Caleys were still in Philadelphia. They didn’t move away, did they?

They lived in Philadelphia, but they were the kind of people that were always having some kind of an altercation with somebody, you know. If you knew Mrs. Caley, . . . did you ever meet her?

[Barbara]: No.

She’s a redhead. I love her to death because she really was the one that introduced me to the Lord. But she is not easy to get along with.

[Barbara]: Oh, so they stayed in the neighborhood, but they just left the church.

Yeah. That’s right.

[Barbara]: Because I know Wally has a lot of nice stories about growing up with them.

Yeah. That is a good family, beautiful family. Not the father.

partial transcription of Virginia’s life story as told to Barbara Duncan (Wally’s wife) in the summer of 1987, courtesy of Barbara Duncan

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•   Who else bears the “Lee” in their names? Virginia? Anyone else? What do you recall of being given that name?
•   Virginia says that she was pregnant with Lee six months after their marriage, but that would have Lee born in October of 1926, not 1927. Also, I have two different days for Virginia’s marriage, though I believe 7/26 to be accurate. Can someone confirm Taylor and Virginia’s marriage date and someone confirm Lee’s birthdate, just so I can be sure? Thanks.
•   Did you ever meet Mrs. Caley? Dad? Betty? Lee? What do you recall of her demeanor?
•   Do you recall the circumstances of the Caley’s leaving Alden Union Church?
•   Virginia ends on an ominous note about Mr. Caley. What do you recall of him?


3 thoughts on “Virginia Accepts the Lord

  1. Steve Duncan, second generation

    As you know, Sandra Lee (Smith) Moyer, also has the name Lee based on Aunt Lee Watters name and thus General Lee’s name…first time I’ve heard this. Unrelated, to the Duncan’s “Lee” name is Marcia Lee (MacGregor) Duncan who retained the “Lee” in her married name instead of using the surname of her father.

    Oh, by the way, Grandma Duncan’s accounts are all subject to her age variation but others of the children were born in a hospital setting. I personally have a scar representing the nick left over from a cesarian birth, so I’m told…that I was born with a cesarian method and thus, probably, well I’m sure ’cause I was there and remember the first light and it was the beam of an operating room light not a bedroom lamp…in a hospital setting. Now remember my age and subject to variations in interpretation of what is remembered.

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