Bruce and Will Return

Kindberg Pulcapa, Peru House, n.d., courtesy of Virginia GormanThis has been a happy week for our family. Will [Lee’s first husband] returned Monday after 5 weeks and 2 days absence. He had gotten a lot accomplished in his time away and we’re glad for his abilities, but we’re sure glad to have him home. Bob [?] Snyder and son Dave (who was here summer ’66) came out Monday, too, for a 3-day visit. They’re formerly from Brookdale.

Bruce arrived home Thursday after 5 weeks being away traveling in the tribal area. He really enjoyed his time.

excerpt of a personal letter from Lee to her husband’s sister and brother-in-law Shirley and Dale, August 30, 1970, courtesy of Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter)

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  • Aunt Lee doesn’t say; where do you suppose Will had been for five weeks?
  • What, do you suppose, he got accomplished?
  • Where were Will and Lee living that Will returned to?
  • Bruce was away for about the same amount of time, too? Was he with his father? With someone else? On his own? What was the occasion for his travel? What was his purpose?
  • How old was Bruce in 1970?
  • What are Shirley and Dave’s last name?
  • Who were the Snyders?

1 thought on “Bruce and Will Return

  1. Virginia Gorman

    I believe my dad would have been out in “the tribe”, as we called it; with the tribal group. I will ask my mom about what he might have accomplished. Besides translation, my dad introduced sheep and citrus trees to the natives, for food sources, I believe. He might have been clearing way for an air stip. We lived on, what we called, a “base”. All the missionaries had homes at this location; about 250 missionaries, including children. It was a little community on the Amazon river. We had a commisary, auditorium that served as a church and gathering place for large meetings, k-12 school, finance department, airport, mechanics, place for the missionaries to do their studies, clinic, etc. We had a home there. I will send you a picture. I would assume Bruce was with my dad in the tribe. He was 17 years old. At a different time, as teenagers, Bruce and Eric traveled the rivers in the tribal area by themselves. We are amazed that our parents let them do this as it was dangerous. They would have to ask for shelter and food each stop along the river.
    It was Dr. Shirley Kindberg-Coln and Dr. Dale Coln.
    The Snyders were fellow missionaries; not sure what their role was.

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