Kindbergs Anticipate Their Return to the Field

The past two and one half months have been happy ones for us as we have had opportunity [sic] to visit with members of our families and also to see numerous of you [sic], our friends. We have also enjoyed telling of the work of the Lord among the Ashanica Campas, and of their needs. We have been encourages by your interest and your prayers. It has been a time of spiritual and physical refreshing because of warm Christian fellowship and the cool and invigorating climate.

Eric adapted well to his new environment here in the United States, too, and we are thankful to the Lord for a quick settlement on the insurance for his accident. We miss very much our other children who stayed in Peru, and we look forward to seeing them the end of this month.

It has been a concern of ours to help interest people in, and recruit them for, Christian service on the foreign fields. There has been some response to the challenge, but the need continues to be great. Would you continue to pray with us for new recruits for several types of mission work, especially the following:

1. Tribal teams to accept the challenge of learning a tribal language and culture, along with translating and teaching God’s Word [sic]. The task is difficult, the challenges great, but the rewards immense.

2. Teachers who would be willing to sue their abilities teaching missionary children (in English) on the mission field. There are mission schools in many countries, including Peru, badly needing grammar school and high school teachers.

3. Typists who can greatly speed up the work of translators on the field by typing manuscripts of the translated Scripture portions, reading primers, and other books in tribal languages. In Peru right now much of our materials is awaiting a typist. Peru needs a few typists and so do several other mission fields.

As we anticipate our return to the field, we would appreciate your continued prayers for the Indian believers and for us and our children that we might be physically, mentally, and spiritually well so that we can be the most use to our Lord in His work. Pray for us as we work on the revision of the presently translated Scriptures in December and as we prepare for new translation work in January—probably starting with the book of Romans.

Our address until November 15:
16 Frost Lane
Greenlawn, L. I.
New York 11740

Casilla 2492
Lima, Peru, S.A.

form letter from Lee and Will Kindberg (Lee’s first husband) to “friends,” November, 1969, courtesy of Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter)

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  • Eric’s accident is mentioned? Can Eric tell the story of his accident and why he needed to adapt to the United States? Can you?
  • The address until November 15 is in Greenlawn. Were they staying with Aunt Polly and Uncle Bob? Can Polly and/or Colin, Gene, Andy tell the story from their perspective?
  • How old was Eric in 1969?
  • What were the “other children” doing in Peru? Were they old enough to look after themselves? Did someone else look after them?
  • A Lima address is listed for Peru. Was the family still stationed in Pulcapa? Were they elsewhere?
  • Can someone tell us about the Ashanica Campas: where they are/were, their language, their cultural characteristics, their dress, your friendships with them, their architecture, their mode of transport, their stories?

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