Tad Serves and Surprises at Weddings and Funerals

Hello, I’m Tad’s sister-in-law, having married into this wonderful family over forty years ago. I married Wally, his oldest brother, who died six years ago. Tad’s the third boy to be contented with the Lord, so I’m sure they’re having a wonderful reunion and laughing.

The boys all have similar traits, tinkering around with pieces of junk, trying to get it working. One thing they have is they’re very, very sensitive, very loving men that we married, we women. I remember a couple of instances: Tad, as someone said, was always there.

Whenever, in our family we had a wedding or a funeral or even a birthday party for his brother, Tad and Carol drove up, which was a distance to Chicago, to be with us and to support us. That’s another thing the Duncan family has had is great support for one another. It’s been my blessing to be part of it.

Once when we came to a wedding, my daughter [Joy] had lost the patchable sleeve of her wedding dress. He and my husband drove a hundred miles into Indiana to find some material to replace it. He just wanted to serve. He was so much fun. Whatever there was to do, he was going to help.

At another wedding, I had a 95-year-old mother, who was just full of life and fun-acting, but without a dance partner. He came over to my mom and he danced with my mom. He danced, not one dance, but a few dances. She remembered that wedding when Tad had danced with her like she was Cinderella at a ball. As I said, a very sensitive heart.

When he’d come to visit, often, he’d never prepare us. He’d always surprise us. We’d get a call, “I’m on the border of Chicago and Indiana. I have an 18-wheeler. I’m going to leave it here. Could you come and get me and I’ll come see you?” Surprise! We were going to drive fifty miles into Indiana. Or he’d call, “Carol and I are just about at your house. We’re coming to visit Wally.” Wally was sick. They were always pleasant surprises and we loved to have him.

I thought when he died it was a surprise to all of us. We didn’t expect it. So like Tad. [. . .] He didn’t even want to come into the viewing of the casket of his brothers. It hurt him. I know it’s just because he was so sensitive and loving he could barely bear with that.

He passed from us but into the presence of the Lord, I’m sure, just the way he wanted to: surprising us, but not suffering or dependent on anybody for help. He just is in heaven rejoicing, I’m sure. Carol, I’m sure there’s a reunion in heaven.

transcription of Barbara Duncan [Wally’s wife], speaking at Tad’s memorial service, Wildwood Baptist Church (950 County Line Church Road, Griffin, GA 30223), June 22, 2012, audio provided by Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter)

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  • What year was Joy’s wedding when the patchable piece was lost?
  • Which wedding is the one that Tad danced with Barbara’s mother? What year was that?
  • What was Barbara’s mother’s name?
  • Can someone send me a digital photo of Joy’s wedding, particularly the gown? How about a photo of the other wedding mentioned, particularly if we can get one where Tad’s dancing with Barbara’s mother? Thanks!
  • Whose weddings was Tad in? What role did he play? How did it go?
  • Tell us the story of Tad attending your wedding or your children’s weddings. What did Tad do to the get-away cars? What sorts of pre-wedding hijinks did he play? How did he help out?

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