Boys Tour, Parents Travel, Teletype Punches

First House, across from the Auditorium, photo courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013For you the Fall and Winter seasons are beginning, and for us the rains are becoming more frequent and the rainy season will soon be here. Thank you for praying for us over these past months. The Lord gave protection and a time of interesting vacation to Will, Bruce and Eric on their sightseeing around Peru by motorcycle. Shortly after their return, Will left on his trips to help some of the other missionaries with their translations and was gone over five weeks. Bruce left to accompany Rob Creese in his travels in Campaland, visiting the Ashaninca-Campa schools.  Bruce really enjoyed himself and learned a lot especially when he was alone for the week that Rob returned to the Base, due to his wife’s illness. 

Translators' Offices, Yarinacocha, Peru, photo courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013Imilio and Lee worked together on the dictionary while Will was gone, but as soon as Will returned at the end of August, they worked full-time on the translation of Hebrews. The first draft of Matthew was completed before Will left for the summer. How we do praise the Lord for wisdom and strength and good health that He’s given because of your and our prayers. Hebrews is now completed and both Matthew and Hebrews have been checked by the translation committee and are approved for printing.

First House, behind, Yarinacocha, Peru, photo courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013Will and Lee are going to be able to go out with Imilio and his family to his village of Quempiri to finish the translation of Revelation, to renew acquaintances out there, and to be with the Campas for a while. We trust that the Lord will enable us to complete the goals that we’ve set before ourselves. Pray! While we are there some of the Indians we have been helping to teach here will be conducting a local Bible Institute for the people of this area. This will be an historic first for the tribe. A meeting of church leaders is also planned.

The children will remain here at the Base, living in the Children’s Home, and going to school. Continue to pray for them at this time of separation. Most of them are quite excited about living in the dorm, but two of them would rather we didn’t leave.

The special teletype typewriters have arrived at our print shop and some of the Campa translation has been typed out on them. Tapes punched on those machines are sent to a computer in Mexico, which will print out the material in format. Because corrections, additions and subtractions can just be made on their original copy, hours and days of time will be saved in revisions of the manuscripts of the New Testament. Praise the Lord with us.

Casilla 2492
Lima, Peru

form letter from Will (Lee’s first husband) and Lee, October 1970, courtesy of Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter)

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  • I’m presuming the “Base” is Yarinacocha in Pucallpa, but what do I know! Can someone confirm that I’ve got all these names/locations right? Thanks.
  • Bruce, Eric, where did you go in Peru with your dad on a motorcycle? Can you tell the story of that trip?
  • Bruce, can you tell the story of being left alone for a week while Rob Creese returned to base? What did you “learn”? What did you experience?
  • What is Campaland? Does it describe a region? A people-group? What is Ashaninca-Campa in relation to the larger description “Campa”?
  • Which of the kids didn’t want mom and dad to leave? Which wanted to stay? Can you all say why? Can you tell what it was like to live in the dorm? How many other kids were there? How old/what grades were you in? How often did this happen?
  • Can someone talk about Imilio and his family? How long was he a translation helper? Did he become a friend of the family?
  • I’ve used photos of the first house here. That may not be correct. When did Kindbergs move from the first to the second house?

2 thoughts on “Boys Tour, Parents Travel, Teletype Punches

  1. vgorman63

    You are correct, the “base” is Yarinacocha, the community where we lived, made up up missionaries.
    If the trip they may have been on is when Bruce and Eric drove motorcycles over the Andes Mountains with my dad. They had some fun time, or so I remember from hearing the stories. Bruce and Eric, I wish you would tell us some of those details. Campaland, is not really the name of the area where the Campa’s lived; I guess it was used as an explanation of the area, such as the “south”, meaning the southern states of the US. Ashanica is a subgroup that is one of several groups that made up the people group “Campa”.
    I am hoping I was one of the kids who didn’t want mom and dad to leave, but I don’t know. I wish I remembered more of this time period so I could be more helpful with the questions you are listing.
    The Children’s Home, (the dorm), could hold about 20 kids, I think. We had some good children’s home parents. Aunt Anita and Uncle Jim. A couple of things I remember were if we put our elbows on the table, we might get stuck with a fork into our elbows, by other kids. The common area had a wooden floor. We would love to put on socks and run and slide across it. Usually, kids did not stay there unless they were in school. In 1970, Bruce and Eric were at the end of Jr or beginning of Sr. year. Gail 4 years under them; Kathy 5 years, Doug 7 years and I was 9 years under them. When mom and dad were first working with the Indian group, they were out in “campaland” more often; I think even up to 6 months at a time. When Bruce and Eric started school, they would be flown from the “tribe” back to the “base” to go to school. We would stay with mom and dad if we were not in school. As the translation progressed, and the Campas were able to come to the base to help mom and dad, than mom and dad spent less time in the “tribe”.
    I remember the name, Imilio, but I don’t have any memories of him.
    We would have been in the 2nd house.
    thanks, Dawn, for transcribing all this!!!!

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