Will and Doug Launch a Rocket

Ball Field, Track, Sadie Hawkins Chase Field from High School side, Yarinacocha, Peru, courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013We are constantly reminded of your love through the gifts that you sent and we see or use daily. Will and Doug haven’t had too much time to work on the rocket, but they’re filling up today and all the neighbor children, as well as ours, are waiting until they can send it off. Great launching up on the school field. Then I meant to tell you how much the children from Eric down have enjoyed the Lego blocks. They’re a great invention and so much fun.

Second House, Yarinacocha, Peru, courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013We had McCarleys over for Sunday dinner 2 weeks ago and they told us all they could of you and your plans.

They’ve been assigned as prayer partners for the Campas, which mainly entails just what it says—prayer. We have, as you know, around 35 Campa men here, a few with their families and we want them, as well as our other prayer partners (Mother [Virginia Duncan], the dentist here, the Adams family) to get to know some of these fellows so we’re going to have a dinner together in another week. We meet every Tuesday after our group prayer meeting to pray specifically for the Campas. Then we’ve split up the Campas, putting a picture of each and something about them on cards and we pray with our family each day for them. We all need prayer but these fellows do, as temptations come from every side, especially when they’re out of their cultural environment, so we need to uphold them.

Thanks again for your gift that comes each month and for the gifts sent via McCarleys.

Gail and Doug have had strep throat this past week but the rest of us are well.

Pray for Will as discouragements come concerning translation, getting informants [?] here, etc.

personal letter from Lee to her husband’s sister and brother-in-law Shirley and Dale Coln, February 28, 1971, courtesy of Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter)

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  • Who are/were the McCarleys?
  • What people is Lee referring to by “Campas”? Why are they “here”? Where is “here”?
  • Can someone tell the rocket story more fully? Did it launch successfully? What kind of rocket was it? Where did it come down?
  • What translation was Will getting frustrated with in February of 1971?
  • There’s a word I had trouble with in the transcription. Are there such things as translation informants? Could this have been an abbreviation for “information”? Something else?
  • I’ve used photos of the second house here. That may not be correct. When did Kindbergs move from the first to the second house?
  • Tell us about Grandma Duncan living in Peru! Everyone must have stories. Did she live in your house? How long was she there? What did she do? Were you close to her?

1 thought on “Will and Doug Launch a Rocket

  1. vgorman63

    I am not sure if Kathy has answered these questions, yet, but the McCarley’s were the Dr’s family who was at the “base” (the community of missionaries) where we lived.
    “Here” was Yarinacocha, the community mentioned above. The Indians with which my parents worked and into whose language my parents translated the Bible, were called the Campas. Individuals of this group of people would come out to Yarinacocha to work with my parents with the translation, and they were called “informants”. I wish I could tell you what part of the translation my dad was working on at the time. I will have to see if any of the other letters I have might reveal the portion of scripture my dad was working on.
    I was pretty little in 1971, so I do not remember that story of the rocket.
    This was the second house, you are correct. I believe we moved from the 1st to the 2nd house when I was an infant, so about 1963.
    Grandma Duncan did not live with us. She lived with another elderly lady in her home. I would need help from my older siblings with stories of Grandma while she was there as I don’t have any memories of that time. I know she worked in the library but beyond that, I can’t help much.

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