Wally, a Poem

Always looking for something to do
A way he could serve His Lord
His goal was to see that the lost found the Savior
That they knew the truth from His Word

His multi-media was a sight to see
Three screens his message presented
One for the outline, one for the text
The third kept the people contented

It showed the pictures of what he was teaching
And moved the story along
His messages pointed out the truth
So folks would know right from wrong

And then he turned to the business world
For Stanley his talents were suited
But after a while it was time to move on
And his path to Texas was routed

As he took that business and turned it around
His talent was plain to see
From loss to profit, from low to high
They were happy to be debt free

His skills were then sought by a company called Skil
His rise through the ranks was so neat
His OK was needed before a new tool
Could hit the stores on the street

Great husband, and great father,
Never lacking a friend
His positive way of looking at things
Was a blessing right to the end

And if he could speak to us all right now
This surely is what he would say:
“Do you know my Jesus? He died for you
For your sins on the cross He did pay”

And if today you would only ask Him
He’d wash all your sins away
And then He’d adopt you as one of His own
And give you a joy that would stay

Wally, we love you and we’ll carry on
Inspired by battles you’ve won
And now rest easy from all of your labors
You’ve heard from Jesus, “Well done!”
Poem by Harley Smith (Betty’s husband) on the occasion of Wally’s death, November 7, 2006, courtesy of Harley Smith

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  • Please tell the story of how Wally got into business.
  • It sounds like Wally took a job in Texas between Stanley and Skil, some business that he turned around. Or was that Stanley? Can someone tell that story?
  • Can someone tell the story of the merger of Skil and Bosch? If I remember correctly, Wally was part of the negotiating team. There was something about him needing to convince Bosch that putting Bosch first in the name wouldn’t do in the US because it would shorten to BS. We’d like to hear that, too.
  • Do you remember one of his multi-media presentations? Tell us the specifics about the one you remember.

2 thoughts on “Wally, a Poem

  1. Taylor

    Just wanted to say thanks to Uncle Harley for this poem. It was a nice thought of my Dad today. He was the best father I could ask for.

  2. Dawn Duncan Harrell Post author

    Uncle Harley (Betty’s husband) notes that Uncle Wally went to a fire extinguisher company in trouble and that he turned that around to a profitable situation and went to Skil.

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