Family Vacations in Kentucky and at Lake Winnesquam

[Barb]: That island you talked about must have been off the coast of Connecticut.

[Virginia]: Yeah. ‘Tis. This was right off of. . . . You know where Cos Cob is? You know where my aunt lives, lived? And it was right near there because we went up to visit her. And she said, “When you get up, leave your things, if you want to, in my house and then come on over to our beach.”

[Barb]: Did you go on vacations every year?

[Virginia]: Yes, I would say we did, but most always we went to Kentucky.

Lake Winnesquam, post marked 1938, cost to mail from Laconia 1 cent, courtesy of cardcow dot com[Wally]: We went to Kentucky often and then we spent two or three years on Lake Winnisquam, which is the lake on which Laconia, New Hampshire is located. And we were right directly across the lake from Laconia. So our landlord J. Comer Jones, who owned our house back in Newton Highlands, also owned a summer cottage and he allowed us, what for a month at a time?

J. Comer Jones Power and Pump Co. Notice of Incorporation, Electrical World, vol. 77, No. 22, 1921 enlarged[Virginia]: A month at a time.

[Wally]: To rent the summer cottage. So Mum would go up and Dad would come up on weekends. Right?

[Virginia]: That was right.

[Wally]: Yeah. For two different summers, I believe, I was up there and then I went to camp, which must have been when I was eleven [b. May 9, 1929, so this would have been summer 1940], I think, when I went to camp. Then I never went back even though you went back at least one additional year. I never did go back.

[Virginia]: I would go back. If Daddy would have come, I would have gone back all the time. He was not one to go on vacation.

[Wally]: He never stayed. He would go for a couple of days and then come home.

[Virginia]: Yeah. He’d want to go right back to Boston and work. He was a workaholic if ever there was one. He really was. 

[Wally]: Yeah. There was another family who took care of him.

[Barb]: I don’t know about that.

partial conversation between Virginia, Wally and Barbara Duncan (Wally’s wife) in the summer of 1987, courtesy of Barbara Duncan

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  • Grandma remembers lots of vacations to Kentucky. Lee, Betty, Dad, what do you remember of these visits? Did you drive? What car was it? Where in Kentucky did you go? Who were you visiting? How did you feel? How did Mother Virginia and Dad Taylor seem to feel?
  • Grandma references her aunt. About whom do you suppose she is speaking? Have you got stories about this person? Photos to share?
  • By Wally’s estimation, visits to Lake Winnisquam would have taken place in the summers of 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1941. Lee, Betty, Dad, do you remember these months on the lake in New Hampshire? What do you recall?
  • J. Comer Jones was a power and pump company in Boston, probably named after a person. How did the family come to be renting from him/the company?
  • Does anyone have photos of Kentucky or Lake Winnisquam to share?

1 thought on “Family Vacations in Kentucky and at Lake Winnesquam

  1. vgorman63

    Mom remembers Lake Winnepasake (sp?). She remembers the large house set back off of the lake; she remembers that house as the landlord lending it to their family. She remembers them all sitting around in the evening talk and singing; that is the only time she remembers G’pa being affectionate with G’ma was during those evenings during the vacations on the lake.
    Mom said at that house they put in new cement steps and they put their feet print in the wet cement, so if the stairs are still there, their feet print should also be. They were close enough to the school that the boys would run home for lunch and then back again for afternoon classes.

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