Chronology of Bob’s Pastoral Ministry


St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, 870 Cummins Highway, Mattapan, MA 02126, courtesy of Google Maps

[Lee]: Let’s see. You went from Greenwood to Mineola to Pittsburg or wherever.

First Presbyterian Church of Greenlawn, present, 497 Pulaski Road, Greenlawn, NY[Bob]: Let me go back. Mattapan is where I started, we started. Then we went to Greenlawn on Long Island and were there for five years. Then went back to Quincy.

Fort Square Presbyterian Church, present,  16 Pleasant Street, Quincy, MA 02169[Polly]: Went back to Massachusetts. Quincy.

[Bob]: Massachusetts. Quincy. There we served for twelve, 15 years [12 years]. And then went from there to Mineola, back to Long Island. We were there for . . .

[Lee]: That’s where Mother [Virginia] was with you?

[Bob]: Yes. That’s where Mother died [d. 1992].First Presbyterian Church of Mineola, present, 182 First Street, Mineola, NY 11501

[Polly]: Yes. Between the Quincy church and Mineola. Yeah.

[Bob]: And then were there for eight years and then went out to Mercer, Pennsylvania. We were there for six years. We went back to Greenlawn as an interim for three years. And then we came, went to Ballston Spa.

Bethany Presbyterian Church, present, 100 West Venango Street, Mercer, PA 16137, courtesy of rootsweb dot ancestry dot comSo anyway, they just lost their pastor. Two years this guy was there and just didn’t like him or whatever.

[Lee]: Where? Mercer?

[Bob]: In Greenlawn.



full transcription of a chronology told by Bob and Polly (his wife) to Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter) and Lee and Ken (Lee’s second husband) during a visit to California in January 2004, courtesy of Virginia Gorman

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  • Can you check the names and dates of the churches? The dates with the ~ mark reflect my guestimation. The ones without have been verified at the church websites.
  • Can you recall the date that Mother (Virginia) moved in with Bob and Polly?

1 thought on “Chronology of Bob’s Pastoral Ministry

  1. Dawn Duncan Harrell Post author

    Aunt Polly writes, “Dawn, here are some of the answers to your questions, but I might have to do a bit of digging for at least one of them. Here goes. I think that the Reunion of 1965 took place in Hookset, NH, at a Motel. Will try to find article with specifics (it is buried here in my house somewhere!). We moved to 121 Greenfield Rd., Mattapan, in July 1962, where U. Bob served St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, located on Cummings Highway, first as Student Pastor (or perhaps it was “Stated Supply”) until he was ordained and installed there on February 10, 1963, at which time he became Pastor. He had completed all the work of Seminary but did not march down the aisle for graduation until June, 1963. (He was just waiting for a call so that he could be ordained, that’s why the time lapse I guess). We served there from 1962-1967; Andy was 5 yrs., Gene was 1 year old, and Colin was born in Oct. 1964. Shortly after we moved to our new call in Greenlawn, L.I, NY, Boston Presbytery decided to merge St. Paul’s with Hyde Park Presbyterian Church – not sure of the exact date. St. Paul’s church building was sold to Assembly of God denomination, still is that today. Hope this helps. Sorry it takes me so long to answer. Aunt Polly”

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