Don’t Celebrate with Cake

Ordination Cake, thanks to epiphanycrestview dot com[Lee]: Tell about the wedding cake.

[Bob]: Well, I was telling him about one of my fellow ministers who was celebrating some year of his ordination. He had this big church and worship service. He was kind of a pompous guy. The bulletin was this big. You know, it was huge.

So anyway, everybody went downstairs for the refreshments and they had a cake. Somebody had wandered in off the street. Cut a great big piece out of it. It was so funny. He could laugh at himself even though he was pompous.

Then we had an AA group in our church, the Mineola church. They were celebrating somebody’s year of sobriety. The cake was sitting in the kitchen. Sure enough somebody wandered in off the street. Walked off with the whole cake. They were very disappointed.

[Virginia]: You’d never think about that, how somebody could come in.

[Bob]: You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t. It was wide open. All these strange people walking in. You know.

full transcription of a story told by Bob to Polly (Bob’s wife), Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter) and Lee and Ken (Lee’s second husband) during a visit to California in January 2004, courtesy of Virginia Gorman 

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  • What other stories of family cake affairs can you tell?
  • What other AA-in-the-church stories can you tell?
  • What other pompous minister stories can you tell?

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