Tad Ignores Betty and Gives Lee Away

I’m Kathy [Courtright]. I’m the daughter of the oldest of the Duncan children, or adults. My mom Lee was very close to Tad. She was not able to make it today. She lives in California, but she did want to pass on a little message, so she told me this on the phone, so I could read it to you today.

Marcia, Steve, Tad, Harley, Barbara, Polly, Carol, Lee, Betty at Bob's funeral, June 2010, courtesy of Colin Duncan“Tad has been the closest in personality to me and though he was ten years younger than me [Lee b. 1927; Tad b. 1937], we have always been close friends. At one point when we were young adults, he traveled and brought me back a gift of really nice earrings. That meant a lot to me. That’s something to do for an older sister.

“We had a lot of fun times together, especially when living close together in Tucson. There was a time Tad took me out driving to help me build my confidence when I was still driving.”

She was getting to the place where she couldn’t see very well and she was losing that confidence. He wanted her to be able to do that again for a little while longer.

“He was the one who gave me away to Ken [Watters] when we married fifteen years ago [Lee and Ken Watters [m. 03.17.2001]. And Carol graciously made our wedding cake for the ceremony at the Wycliffe Center in Tucson. Tad helped us get away after the wedding for a quick escape.

“Also Tad and Ken shared the same birthdate—”

That’s today, when he would be 75 today.

“—although they were twenty years apart. Carol has been such a big help to me in improving my wardrobe over the years. In Tucson, they offered their home for short stays and we exchanged hospitality at our homes. We had good times together. I will greatly miss their visits with me here in California. They have been such good friends and I will greatly miss seeing Tad again.”

That was from Lee.

The other sister Betty, who could not be here, either, today—she’s out in California also—she had her husband send this by email.

“When I was six years old [b. 1931], Tad entered the circle of our family. My first babysitting job was looking after him. I remember that Tad had a mind of his own and wasn’t always willing to follow the instructions of Sister Betty.

“Years later, when Brother Wally bought an old hearse, Tad loved to ride in the back with the others and enjoyed it when Wally would stop at a light and he and others would sit up where the casket was supposed to be and stare, and scare the onlookers.

“As the years wore on, Tad showed a great interest in family and things of the Lord. This was renewed a year ago when he stopped by our home. What a wonderful time of spiritual fellowship we had. I treasure that precious memory.”

That’s Aunt Betty.

transcription of Kathy Courtright [Lee’s daughter], speaking at Tad’s memorial service, Wildwood Baptist Church (950 County Line Church Road, Griffin, GA 30223), June 22, 2012, audio provided by Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter)

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  • When (date) were Lee and Ken married?
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  • What other stories of Wally’s hearse can you tell?
  • What other stories of Betty babysitting can you tell? Dad can you pass along the baby-Steve-drop story?

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