Tad Freezes in Armor to Advertise Crusade

During World War II, we were living down in Philadelphia because Daddy was stationed there in the Navy. He lived with us, but would travel elsewhere when the Navy asked him to go one place or another for short periods of time to help with accounting.

Wally and Mother started “Crusade for Christ” in our home. We would invite school friends and every Saturday night, we’d have a little get together in the living room. Sometimes we’d have special speakers.

I invited Patty Dohan, a school friend. She came once or twice when we were in the eighth or ninth grade.

All of the sudden, I found her address some years ago and sent a Christmas card. We hadn’t seen each other for seventy years. And she called on the phone. We picked right up where we’d left off.

By the time we were back at Newton Corner (Mass.), Crusade was large enough meet at church. Lee was already at Gordon College (Then she went to Wheaton.). This was when we lived on Washburn Avenue.

armorTo advertise the beginning of Crusade for Christ, Wally found some armor. The only one small enough to fit in it was Tad, so he wore it. Wally put him on top of the hearse and drove around.

story as recalled by Betty in a conversation with Dawn Harrell (Steve’s daughter), November 13, 2013

Tad was maybe 15 years old (~1952) and he was the only one small enough to fit into the suit of armor. It was real armor that Wally had gotten from an antique shop. I don’t know how they let him borrow it.

Anyway, in those days, people were much smaller, so Tad had to wear it. He only wore the top part, though, because if he’d worn the bottom part, he wouldn’t have been able to bend.

He knelt on top of the car on a roof rack of some sort, and Wally drove around making the announcement over a loudspeaker that was connected to the car. It seems to me this was one of those Duncan schemes.

Tad couldn’t wear a sweater or coat under the armor because it wouldn’t fit, and it was cold as anything, maybe October. 

story as recalled by Steve in a conversation with Dawn Harrell, December 8, 2013

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  • Have you heard this story? What can you add to it from your memory?
  • What happened to the armor? How did Wally manage to convince the antique story to lend it to him?
  • Has anyone got a photo? We would be so lucky.
  • Aunt Betty remembers Lee attending Gordon College. How long was she there?

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