Bob’s Only Seventy!

Bob, 05.2003, courtesy of Dawn Duncan Harrell[Bob]: I had to give up my violin and then give up my guitar.

[Lee]: I’ve lost the feeling in these two fingers and I can’t. . . .

[Ken]: Oh, did you play violin?

[Bob]: Um-hm.

[Polly]: Yes. He played very nicely.

[Bob]: Arthur Fiedler and I were good friends. Ha!

[Lee]: You know, if you feel like you want to take a rest or something. Or if you feel like you want to go for a walk. I know you say you don’t like to walk. I mean, you can’t walk.

[Bob]: Well, it depends. Some days it doesn’t bother me in the least and other days. . . .

[Lee]: I’m going to show Virginia where our “block” is that we walk around. It only takes about twenty minutes.

[Ken]: He’s only seventy.

[Bob]: That’s right! [b. Nov 13, 1933]

Bruce, Gail, Lee, Virginia, Kathy, Eric gathering for Lee's 80th in 2007, courtesy of Virginia Gorman[Lee]: I know he’s only seventy. He’s my younger brother.

We’re half in Orange and half in Santa Ana [Calif.]. When we go around the block we go into Orange that has orange fire hydrants. We go around. When we go back, it’s white fire hydrants and we’re in Santa Ana again.

transcription of a conversation between Bob, Polly (Bob’s wife), Virginia (Lee’s daughter), Lee, and Ken (Lee’s second husband) during a visit to California in January 2004

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  • Can someone tell about Uncle Bob playing the violin, please? Did he take lessons as a child? Did he play in church, orchestra? When did he quit? I don’t believe I ever heard him.
  • I remember him playing guitar so we could sing during Wednesday night Bible study. When did he give that up? Did he teach himself? Take lessons?
  • Did he play guitar first or violin?
  • Do you recall which two fingers Aunt Lee was referring to? Did the feeling ever come back? Did she lose it all at once or in a traumatic event?
  • What did she have to give up with the loss of sensation in her fingers?
  • I hunted for a 2004 photo of Lee, but the closest I got was this 2007. Anybody want to send me a photo from 2004?

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