Caught in the Act of Love

TJ, Jim, Kathryn, Patti, Christmas 1987This Lady does “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS” (Matt 28:19a). KATHRYN RAMEY has been caught in the ACT OF LOVE. Just to mention a few: 1) Kathryn is Director of Adult IV Sunday School; a very loving for knowledgeable leader who is personally in touch with each member. 2) She is Prayer Calendar Chairman for our Baptist Women Joy Circle that meets the first Wednesday of each month. Kathryn always presents the prayer time for missionaries having birthdays on the date of the meeting in such a way to enlighten the women’s group of the many and varied needs of our missionaries. 3) She is presently serving on the nominating committee. 4) The Church Prayer Chain is another way Kathryn is involved in “Love in Action.” She has been a very vital link in our Prayer Chain since it started. 5) Prayers are also lifted daily by Kathryn for our missionaries. She is very personally informed about the concerns of missionaries serving in foreign lands and home missionaries too.

Kathryn accepted Jesus at a very young age and was teaching Sunday School by the age 16. She attended Campbellsville Baptist College in Kentucky, earning a teaching certificate in two years and taught grade school in Southern Illinois in a one room school-house. Even then, Kathryn was very sensitive to the needs of others and would cook beans or black-eyed peas on a black stove in the school room to feed the poor children their lunch. She was married to Jewell Atwood Ramey for 50 plus years and was right by his side as they served the Lord at Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. They both were in the choir and played in the Bell Choir. Jewell was a very active deacon serving as Chairman of the Board of Deacons. The Ramey’s raised two sons, Jim and Jules, and one daughter Patti Levein.

Kathryn was also Associational Director of Royal Ambassadors and even found time to an eleven year career with General Electric retiring in 1961.

After losing her husband in Kentucky, Kathryn moved to Houston joined Easthaven, and has not stopped since.

Other ways you’ll see Kathryn in action: If you’re sick, she’ll GO take you soup, cookies, or flowers. If you need a ride to Sunday School or a meeting at the church, she’ll GO pick you up. If you have a baby she’ll GO see your baby and bring a special little gift. If it’s visitation time at church, she’s there ready to GO. If you live in an apartment where there’s lots of little children, she will go and help lead a Bible Club. If your neighborhood is being canvassed, she’ll GO knock on the door with a smile. If you’re lonesome or just need fellowship, she will invite you to GO to her lovely home with delightful conversation, concern, and love.

What a gracious Lady!! These are just a few of the many wonderful ways of Kathryn and I wanted to remind you that we are a very blessed Church Body to have her part of us. She is a great inspiration and I strive to be more like her because I see Jesus as she GOes.

Barbara McCaugherty. Easthaven Vital Signs. Vol. 3, n. 4. June 1991. Houston, Tex.: Easthaven Baptist Church, 1. Courtesy of T.J. Ramey (Kathryn’s son), January 9, 2014

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