Tad Delivers Cookies to Chino Prison

“I know Norman Vincent Peal was on Robert Schuller’s program a number of years. He and Schuller were good friends. Same kind of theology. Schuller was very wishy-washy. My brother Tad was very much involved with them. He used to drive a truck out and then take cookies up to Chino Prison [California Institute for Men, Chino, Calif.]. But he said he saw him one day and he was . . . never again.” 

Bob telling Polly (Bob’s wife), Virginia (Lee’s daughter), Lee, and Ken (Lee’s second husband) about Tad, during a visit to California in January 2004

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  • Gloria, Trey, Steve/Dad, can you tell us more about Tad’s days driving for Schuller?
  • How long did this work last? What were the years?
  • Did he always deliver cookies? Why cookies? Was there other cargo to other places?
  • Did he meet with the prisoners or did other people do that part of the ministry?
  • Uncle Bob intimates that something or some disillusionment happened. Can you tell more about that turning point?
  • I need a photo of Tad with his truck. Anybody got one to share?

1 thought on “Tad Delivers Cookies to Chino Prison

  1. Steve Duncan

    This is Dad/Steve…No, I can’t add anything to this story…I only knew that he was doing some Christmas runs in connection to the Schuler Chrystal Cathedral and once was interviewed on the T.V. program of his Sunday service once.

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