Wally Scoots

When he was in his late 70’s and could not walk, or stand, Wally got around on a little scooter. One day I [Barb] went out shopping. When I drove into the parking lot of our condo, I saw Wally sitting on his scooter. I didn’t think too much of that. Perhaps he wanted to get a little fresh air. But then I saw a police car a few feet away.

The young officer drove up next to my car. “Do you know this man on a scooter?” he said. “Can you let him in to the building?”

“Why yes. He’s my husband,” I replied.”

He got out of his car. “Do you know where he was? He was driving his scooter on busy Dee Road and could have gotten himself killed.”

The police officer had stopped him, helped him into the squad car and lifted the scooter into his trunk and brought him home.

Wally didn’t make any apologies for what he had done. He hadn’t gotten very far when he was caught, just around the corner from where we lived. He wanted to take a ride to the barbershop.

Another time when I was busy at 5:00 pm on the day of my recital—the first one he had missed because he couldn’t make the stairs—he decided to take his scooter to Ace Hardware, quite a distance away. I called him on a cell phone and learned what he was doing. I was so worried I called Joy and Scott to be prepared to help him. Sure enough, a few minutes later he ran out of battery and they had to go get him.

On another one of his jaunts, his scooter got hung up on a speed bump in the road and lady was nice enough to help him. How he hated that he had lost his independence! Not having his independence must have been a tremendous cross for Wally. But he never complained or showed any bitterness. That was what was so amazing in his transformation through his last illness. God seemed to completely smooth out any rough edges he might have had and made him a man totally surrendered.

written memories of Wally, contributed by Barbara Duncan (Wally’s wife), December 12, 2012

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  • What stories of Wally on his scooter can you share?
  • Can Joy or Scott relay what happened when they were called on the day of Barb’s recital?
  • What stories of Wally’s frustration at the loss of his independence can you share?
  • What stories of his uncomplaining spirit can you share?
  • Does anyone have a photo of Wally on his scooter they’d like to share with us?

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