Tad’s Renault Flaps Its Wings

So this is from my Uncle Harley.

“My earliest recollections of Tad when I entered the Duncan Domain [1952] with the intent of stealing his sister [Betty]—let me tell you about that sometime; what a deal!

Toy Renault 1950“He was just a young squirt. As he grew up, there came the infatuation with motor vehicles. I believe one of them was a Quatre Chevaux (Eric: however you say that in French) or a four-horse Renault. It had turn signals on it, which were little signals mounted between the front and back doors on each side. If one wanted to turn left, you hit the switch and a little lighted arm swung out. The same for a right-hand turn. Not satisfied with this simple maneuver, Tad would quickly switch from right to left to right to left. If one were following him, it would look like a little sick bird flapping its wings trying to take off.”

So that was my Uncle Tad. I mean my Uncle Harley.

transcription of Eric Kindberg [Lee’s son], speaking at Tad’s memorial service, Wildwood Baptist Church (950 County Line Church Road, Griffin, GA 30223), June 22, 2012, audio provided by Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter)

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  • Lee, Betty, Steve: what other toys do you recall playing with when you were young?
  • What were your favorite books as a kid?
  • For example, Dad can you tell about your favorite child-hood storybook, which Mum says is The Little Engine That Could? What did you like about it?
  • Harley, Marcia, Barbara, Polly: can you share stories you remember your spouses telling of child-hood favorites?
  • Cousins: can you share stories you recall of your parents’ child-hood toys or books?

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