Wendell Is Sweet on Lee

The first time we [Caleys] had any contact with the Duncans, we were living at 222 Stanley Avenue, Manoa, Pennsylvania. I lived there with my family. We had five children. They lived not far away.

We were sitting out on the front steps, and this lady with a baby carriage came by. That was Mrs. Duncan with Lee [b. 26 Oct 1927] walking along. Probably Bob [b. 13 Nov 1933] in the carriage.

I can’t really remember how old I was but probably between four and eight. I was born January 16, 1928. Lee is a couple of years older than I. I believe that’s how my mother met the Duncan family.

The next time I remember the Duncans, I was a teenager. My father said, “I’d like to take you to the church where they were having a Christmas program.” Lee Duncan played the part of Mary. It was a liberal Baptist church.

We went to Aldan Union Church in Aldan, Pennsylvania. My father was interested in getting the Duncan family to come to Aldan Union. They came to Aldan Union.

Upper Darby High School, courtesy of Google

Upper Darby High School, courtesy of Google

I think was in high school. I attended Yeadon High School. The Duncan kids went to school in Drexel, Pennsylvania. Upper Darby High School, I think. Lee would know.

We didn’t play them in sports. We were in youth group together at Aldan Union Church. Wally was younger [b. 9 May 1929]. He was not in the youth group that Lee and I were in. I don’t know if Lee was interested in me, but she was the first girl I was interested in. She was pretty, about my age, a Christian. We did things together because the youth group did things.

My mother was part of the contact with the Duncans. She invited Mrs. Duncan to a women’s Bible study. It was taught by a lady in Aldan Union. She came. In fact if I remember correctly, they [eventually] met in the Duncan home at Riverview when an additional Bible study began. It was a beautiful big home in the Drexel Hill section of Upper Darby [325 Riverview Cove, Drexel Hill, PA 19026].

*NB: Wendell Caley was born in January of 1928. If Bob was the baby in the carriage, then it was 1934 or later since Bob was born in November of 1933. (I doubt they were perambulating in the dead of winter with a one-month-old). That would mean Wendell was probably five or six and Lee was seven or eight when the Duncans first met the Caleys.

excerpt from a Skype conversation between Wendell Caley (longtime friend of the Duncan family) and Dawn Harrell (Steve’s daughter), January 29, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Wendell Is Sweet on Lee

  1. vgorman63

    Mom, Lee, was born Oct 26, 1927. Yes, mom does remember Wendell being “sweet” on her. She remembers climbing trees with him. Mom was saved at Aldon Union. She remembers the exact seat she was sitting in. She first started thinking about mission work at that church because there were a lot of missionaries that would come to visit. She remember that Aldon Union was a very good church. She remembers friends Peg Smith, Sally Shipe, whose mom would speak to everyone she would walk by on the street; “she was such a friendly person”, says Mom (Lee).
    Mom remembers getting the trolley from Drexel hill to Aldon. It took about 10 minutes. She remembers going to a dentist for the 1st time near Aldon Union Church

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