First Diamond

diamondAs a young boy, Wally sang in a famous boys’ choir in Boston at an Episcopalian church. He would take a trolley car into the city from their home in the suburbs for practice each week. As he walked from the church to his bus stop, he would pass an auction house. One day curiosity got the best of him and he went in. The item for auction was a diamond ring. I don’t know how much it went for, but young Wally raised his hand and blurted out a price.

“Sold to the young man in the back!”

He did not have the money, so he asked if he could pay a little each week from the money he made as a paperboy. Week after week, he took in a payment and finally the diamond ring was his.

Soon after, when his mother cleaned his room, she discovered the box with the ring in it.

“Wally, where did this come from?” inquired his mom.

Wally confessed.

Grandpa Duncan, an accountant by profession, took Wally and the ring down to the shop. Citing the law which nullified purchases by minors, Grandpa got Wally’s money back and taught him a few lessons.

Wally was impulsive. Amazingly, he didn’t get in to more trouble. However, when there was mischief suspected, Wally’s name was called out.

written memories of Wally, contributed by Barbara Duncan (Wally’s wife), December 12, 2012

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  • Do you remember the name of the boys’ choir or the church/address?
  • Do you recall the name of the auction house or the address?
  • Does anyone recall the price of the diamond?
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1 thought on “First Diamond

  1. vgorman63

    Mom says it was a big church as “we entered Boston”. Mom thinks it was called St. Paul’s. Mom remembers the pastor saying that many want to make a small contribution in a small area; but Wally will make a BIG contribution in a BIG area.

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