Tad Grabs Pig-Headed Boys but Can’t Hold a Note

Tad Duncan with zits, nd, taken at Alston Studios, Inc. courtesy of Gloria Boyer

Tad, perhaps at the age of the boys he helped.

I met Tad about 2003 or 2004 when he and Carol came to church. At that time, I was working with about 25 to 30 kids, some rough kids actually, some boys that would tear you down and say anything. Ralph was trying to help me with them, but Ralph couldn’t be over there with me and over here with the church. So I was kind of hanging out there with 30 kids and having to look over my shoulder, just really trying to bring the Lord to these kids.

We had some old trailers out here. All of the sudden, here was Tad and he was talking about, “What do you need to do?”

And I said, “Well, Tad, you know if we had this wall knocked down and a room in here, we could meet in here. We could do this.”

Next day I came over to the church to bring some stuff and the walls were coming down! Tad was over there working his heart out. One thing I learned about him, he was a do-er. He is a do-er and now he’s a do-er in heaven, too, now.

He had a humility about him. He taught me humility because something about him. I saw him. People say to me, “He’s too [unclear].” And yet he got up there and made the choir, but he was tone-deaf. He told you he was tone-deaf. But he was up there leading that choir because he liked to sing. He wouldn’t hit those notes. He never hit those notes, but he liked being up there singing. We needed someone up there and so he was up there.

I loved Tad. He was there when I needed him. He had my back. And those boys—he’d come over there with those boys—and those boys were pig-headed. I mean they were pig-headed something bad. But you know he would grab hold of them, hug ‘em, and love ‘em. And those boys would right now tell you Tad was a good man.

I know he’s up there with Jesus. I praise the Lord that I met him. I know he’s saved.

unidentified friend, speaking at Tad’s memorial service, Wildwood Baptist Church (950 County Line Church Road, Griffin, GA 30223), June 22, 2012, audio provided by Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter)

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  • The lady speaking refers to “Ralph,” who I presume is Ralph Simmons, the minister. Can someone remember and share her name? Gloria?
  • Was it 2003 or 2004 when Tad and Carol came to church?
  • Is she referring to Union Church or Wildwood Baptist?

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