Virginia Donates Taylor’s Library to Bentley

Virginia Donates Taylor's Library to BentleyBentley College of Accounting and Finance
921 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

February 29, 1968

Mrs. Taylor A. Duncan
16 Washburn Avenue
Auburndale, Massachusetts

Dear Mrs. Duncan

I want to express our sincere gratitude to you for your generosity in donating Mr. Duncan’s book collection to the Bentley College Library. In as much as these books will be used both by students and faculty over the years, your gift will constitute a truly significant memorial to Mr. Duncan’s long association and interest in the Bentley School (College) of Accounting and Finance.

The photographs that you gave us will be put into the College archives. Henry Porter was able to identify all those present in the pictures. “The Competent Internal Auditor” will also be preserved in the archives of Bentley College.

It was very nice meeting you, and I very much appreciate the graciousness which you showed me during my visit to your home. I look forward to the pleasure of personally conducting you through the new Bentley College Library in Waltham when it opens in the Fall.

James A. Boudreau
Bentley College Library


letter discovered in Tad’s papers by Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter) and scanned at the family reunion, January 2014 by Dawn Harrell (Steve’s daughter) 

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  • Do you recall the size of the library donation in question? About how many books did Grandpa Taylor have in his collection?
  • What exactly is “The Competent Internal Auditor”? It sounds like a book or perhaps dissertation that Taylor wrote. Can anyone verify that?
  • Does anyone remember Grandma receiving the mentioned tour of the new library? Can you tell what you recall?

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