Steve Suggests He’s Caesar

CeasarI started with my father Taylor Albert Duncan. It was senior. He was, I was the last child, his last child, and I was an unexpected child.

And so there’s Virginia, my mother, at age 18 or 17. Something like that. [Shows photograph.]

[Someone Else]: Nineteen?

Nineteen? This is her, yes. Pretty, wasn’t she?

So they—my mother Virginia White Duncan—they were twelve years separated in age. When I was born, she was forty years old. I was sort of unexpected. In fact the doctor had told her that I would not, that she would not have any more children. I’m not sure what I am. [Laughter].

[Someone Else]: You kinda opened yourself up there for suggestions.

Right. I was born and I was born by cesarean, which is something. . . .

[Someone Else]: Are you saying you’re from the Dark Ages?

[Kimberly]: Emperor of Rome is what he’s trying to suggest.

Cesarean was first done, or at least historically, by Caesar or his mother’s doctor. Or somebody.

[Somebody Else]: Are you making this up?

No. No. No. That’s true. That’s why it’s called a Caesar.

Anyway, I was the last of six of Virginia’s children.

[Heidi]: Virginia was told at the beginning that shouldn’t have kids, right? And then she just kept having them?

[Other Voices]: I don’t remember hearing that.

[Heidi]: Am I wrong in that or was it just you?

She never told me that, but I should never have—she just told me I should never have been born.

story told by Steve to the family reunion gathering on January 10, 2014; recorded and transcribed by Dawn [Steve’s daughter]

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