Tad’s Footprint

I was born in 1939 and not as was in the record there (with Brett); it was 1930. That’s not correct.

[Dawn]: Did I write ’30?

It was ‘30 instead of ‘39, at least Mom [Marcia] speaks of that.

I was born in Newton Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts, where also Tad, my brother two-and-a-half years older than myself, was born.

We grew up, part of our lives, in a place called Newton Highlands. That was outstanding, as far as I was concerned. I never remembered that from earlier time. But they took my brother Tad’s footprint and put it in the cement out in front of the house. That stayed around for years. I don’t remember whether we saw it or not, but I think we did.

[Other Voices]: We saw it.

When we passed by [in 1983, there was] his footprint in the cement.

story told by Steve to the family reunion gathering on January 10, 2014; recorded and transcribed by Dawn [Steve’s daughter]

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  • I seem to recall a photo of that family reunion visit that showed the footprint and Tad’s bare grown-up foot. Does anyone have it to donate to the story’s cause?
  • Aunt Lee, Aunt Betty: do you remember living in Newton Highlands when Steve and Tad were born? Can you tell the stories of their births?
  • Do you recall Tad making a footprint in the cement? Can you tell us how that came about? What year do you suppose that was? How old was Tad?
  • What was the exact address of the house on Hartford Street where this took place?

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