VJ Day to CPA

I was around for VJ Day [Aug 14, 1945], which was a great celebration. Firecrackers. It meant that all the boys were coming home. It was a great, great emotional day.

Taylor, Separation of Service from Navy 11.29.1946

Taylor, Separation of Service from Navy 11.29.1946

We stayed there [Drexel Hill] until 19—what was it?—1945 and then we moved to the Boston area, into Newton, in another subdivision of Newton, which was called Auburndale. We stayed there for many years. Dad [Taylor] had bought this house for something like $15-, $18,000, the whole house. It was a big house; a very big house; a big, white, wood house. Yes, in Auburndale.

[Heidi]: May I ask you? So Grandpa originally comes out of Kentucky, then moves to Massachusetts, then to Philadelphia, back to Massachusetts—what’s the draw to Massachusetts? What? Why? I know Philadelphia was. . . .

I think he was in Philadelphia before and that’s where he met Mom, Grandma, Virginia White Duncan. Or was it New York? I may well have been New York.

[Heidi]: It was New York where they met.

Now she was also in the Navy and she was a typist, secretary, shorthand, did shorthand, and I think met him in the work which she did with him. Now he was at the, by the end of the Second World War, he was manager of a large company that made airplanes for the war. But some of the airplanes never got used because the war ended.

Anyway we moved up to Boston.

[Heidi]: Do you know why?

Up in Boston there was a job at the Bentley school. And he had a job of teaching there. Now that school was in Boston itself. It’s now found in Waltham, Massachusetts, but then it was in Boston, not too far from the Prudential, near where that is now.

[Eric?]: He was in accounting.

He was an accountant, right.

[Eric?]: He was also a CPA.

Yeah. CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. He would, that was his, he enjoyed teaching. He was a good teacher.

He had gone to Boston University and he was one of the first students in that era that he was there to study accounting. And he was, I’m told, the best student that they had ever had early in the course of the teaching at the university in the accounting work.

story told by Steve to the family reunion gathering on January 10, 2014; recorded and transcribed by Dawn [Steve’s daughter]

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  • What stories of the war ending celebrations do you recall? Do you recall your parents telling you?
  • Lee, Betty, Steve: can you add details about what dinner with your family was like that night? What you and your friends did? What your mother or father said? Was there a special statement or service at church?
  • Do you ever remember watching Grandma take dictation in shorthand or translate shorthand back into regular text? Was she good at it? Do you have any samples of her work?
  • Does anybody have additional accountant/CPA stories from Grandpa that you’d like to share?

1 thought on “VJ Day to CPA

  1. Steve (Bertrand S. Duncan)

    Grandpa(Taylor) and Grandma Duncan moved to the Boston area Auburndale, MA because he had been offered a post-II World War to teach at Bently Accounting School which is now Bently College, which move to Waltham from Boston, and is now called Bentley College by Mr. Bentley himself.This was a distance from Newton Highlands where we first lived in Newton’s fourteen little towns but now farther west Auburndale.

    Grandma/mom used her shorthand to take notes at sermons but later when Grandpa/Dad was on fixed income and retired She did this to help pay for the expenses as well as help me at Boston University when I got out of the Army. At any rate she was employed in Auburndale as long as they lived there.

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