T. A. Duncan Joins Bentley School

Job Offer Transcription

Taylor Duncan Bentley job offer, 02.03.1949

Taylor Duncan Bentley job offer, 02.03.1949

The Bentley School of Accounting and Finance
921 Boylston Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts

February 3, 1949

Mr. Taylor A. Duncan
16 Washburn Avenue
Auburndale, Massachusetts

My dear Mr. Duncan:

The purpose of this letter is to confirm the offer made to you yesterday, which is as follows.

We are to pay you eight thousand, five hundred and twenty dollars ($8,520) for your services for the year ending June 30, 1950, payable in twelve equal monthly installments of seven hundred and ten dollars ($710) each, beginning July 31, 1949.

It is understood that this consists of the maximum base salary of seventy-two hundred dollars ($7,200) for teaching a day class and an Accounting IIB class two evenings a week. The balance of one thousand, three hundred and twenty dollars ($1,320) is to cover teaching an additional Accounting IIB class two evenings a week.

As I explained to you, there is no absolute assurance that we shall be able to give you two additional evenings of teaching thereafter, but we shall do so if we can.

If this offer is agreeable to you, please sign the original copy of this letter and return it to me.

This agreement is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting in June, 1949. However, I am of the opinion that they will accept my recommendation.

Very truly yours,
[signed] H C Bentley


APPROVED: __________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________

Newspaper Clipping Transcription

Taylor Duncan named to Bentley, news notice, n.d.

Taylor Duncan named to Bentley, news notice, n.d.

“T. A. Duncan Joins Bentley School: Appointed to Faculty as Full Time Instructor”

Taylor A. Duncan, B. S. C., C. P. A., has been appointed recently to the faculty of the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance as a full-time instructor. Duncan was engaged in public accounting in Pennsylvania for 18 years and is a certified public accountant of that state. He was a part-time instructor of accounting at Temple University and was at Girard College for six years.

transcriptions of 1949 job offer letter and newspaper clipping, courtesy of Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter)

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  • The Bentley School letterhead address is listed as “921 Boylston Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts.” Can someone explain what “Boston 15” referenced?
  • It’s interesting that Grandpa’s title was “Instructor,” v. “Assistant/Associate Professor,” which is today’s parlance for someone without a higher degree who teaches in a college/university, but is salaried v. adjunct. Do you recall his title ever changing as conventions shifted? How common was this title? Was everyone at the Bentley School called “Instructor”?
  • Do you remember if those possible additional evening classes came through? Was he often out at night teaching?
  • Do you recall meeting H. C. Bentley? What was he like?
  • Did Grandpa have a favorite subject/class to teach?
  • What does “IIB” stand for?

1 thought on “T. A. Duncan Joins Bentley School

  1. Marcia L. Duncan

    Boston 15, was an early form of zip codes. 78 was our code in Belmont when I was growing up there.

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