Cover It with Cement

Well, you can tell them that one of the creativeness [sic] that we had in Angola: We built a building, which was made out of adobe. That building—with many bricks, adobe bricks—was so big that we had to buy 570—and we got them sent to us from the United States—570 sheets of corrugated steel, which was 1 meter by 3 meters wide. Long! That covered this building. It was a massive building.

We designed it and built it, and the Lord provided a—we didn’t know how we were going to get the skeleton structure of it, but one day one of the Cuban doctors . . . no, one of the African doctors . . .  African soldiers—a lieutenant—got very sick. It was typhoid and we operated on him. His life was saved because he was just full of infection. Once we patched him up, they were so grateful in working with the Cubans, that they gave us some of their building materials, a lot of their building materials, so we were able to make the substructure of that big building.

And so the adobe work was made in such a way that it would be strong enough to hold, not only to hold all that up, but to hold itself up. We “rebocare,” we stuccoed it all over with some cement. A lot of this was even sent from the United States.

[Virginia?]: What language was that word in?


[Virginia?]: It sounded like Spanish.

[Marcia]: It does.

Yeah, it does. There’s a lot that we can even talk.

[Marcia]: We usually have been able to communicate to people that speak Spanish because we can understand and then we can answer in Portuguese. There’s enough that they can understand.

story told by Steve to the family reunion gathering on January 10, 2014; recorded and transcribed by Dawn [Steve’s daughter]

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  • I’m sure Steve isn’t the only one in the family to build things. There was plenty of engineering going on. What other things did the Duncan Eight build (that we haven’t heard about)?
  • Dad, do you have a photo of this building that you’d like to contribute?

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