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Taylor Albert DuncanThis site is dedicated to the family stories of Taylor Albert Duncan, the three women who married him, and the eight children who survived him: Paul, Kathryn, Lee, Wally, Betty, Bob, Tad, and Steve.

The stories that appear here are (mostly) transcribed from recordings collected by various family members at weddings, family reunions and, more recently, funerals. Each week on Wednesday morning I listen to the voices of Virginia (known to most of us as Mother or Grandma Duncan), Bob and others. Then I post what I hear on the site.

I want us to remember these stories and to treasure them for our children because they tell us where we come from. These stories define us for good or ill. They bind us together. They open the door to the home where we belong.

Will You Help?

After every story, there will be room for comments. Please add anything you like. For example:

    • Do you recall hearing this story? What details can you add?
    • Do you remember it differently? What’s your perspective?
    • From whom did you hear the story?
    • Where were you when it happened? What were you doing at the time?
    • In which season or year did this story take place?
    • What else was going on at the time? In the world, in the church, in your home?
    • What house was the family living in? What was the address?
    • Name the make and model of the family car at that time. What color was it?

Perhaps reading one of these stories will trigger the memory of another story. We want to hear that one. Will you send it to me? There are several ways. You can:

    • Choose the Home button (above) and click Contribute on the pull-down menu. There are instructions on the page for entering another story.
    • Send me an email with the story: dawn[at]eightduncans[dot]com.
    • Facebook message me with the story.
    • Call me on the phone and I’ll type while you talk.

Add the written or recorded stories you’ve collected. You can send me copies in the mail. I’ll be happy to supply the address. My thanks to Colin, Virginia, Barb, Polly, Sandy, and Gloria, who have already contributed recordings, written stories, and photos.

Convert recordings into audio files that I can post with each story so we can save the sound of their voices as well as the words of the story. Let me know if you’re interested in taking on this task.

How to Read Eight Duncans

If you want to read all the stories about one of the children, Virginia, or Taylor, simply click on that one’s name (above) and scroll down through the stories. You can also search “Other Themes” (above right) for particular topics like “Park Street Church” or type in your own search term under “Search Eight Duncans.”

Or you can read each new story as it is written down.

    • Go to “Receive Stories by Email” above right.
    • Enter your email address in the blank space.
    • Click the “Subscribe” button to submit your address.

If you subscribe to the site, you will receive an email approximately once per week. Then you can click on the story link, which will redirect you to EightDuncans.com.

I hope you will join me in recollecting our family’s fascinating, complicated history here at EightDuncans.com!

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