WordPress is a free web-hosting site. I’m using it because it is free. I have only paid for the URL, the website’s address:

WordPress covers its costs, in part, by advertising on blogs and websites that receive lots of traffic. You can read WordPress’s advertising policy here.

I hope we all benefit greatly from having easy access to these stories. The downside may be that an ad appears at the bottom of the story before the comments section. My experience is that “taste” and “appropriate content” is up to the people at WordPress and not up to me or you.

If you cannot ignore the advertising, you can stop seeing it by logging onto WordPress. (Logging on through Twitter or Facebook will work, too.) This is different from being subscribed to It involves clicking on the word “WordPress” below in the footer and entering your email address and a password into their site. After you are logged on there, you can navigate to Eight, which will no longer display the advertisements.

I dislike the advertising. I apologize in advance for it. But I cannot do anything about it.