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Wally Walks to Church

Wally and Lee, 1932One of Wally’s earliest recollections was of his first experience at Sunday school.  He loved it so much that midweek he decided to go again. No problem. He’d just walk. No matter that the church was at a good distance. No matter that he was only three years old [ca. 1932] and his mother might be missing him. Off he went, and unbelievably, found the church. Needless to say, his family upon discovering him missing, looked frantically for him. Sure enough, there they found him, sitting on the church steps.

Maybe this is where he got the reputation of being determined to do what he set out to do. Back in those days, there weren’t quite the dangers that we have now. But fear wasn’t in his vocabulary.

written memories of Wally, contributed by Barbara Duncan (Wally’s wife), December 12, 2012

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