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T. A. Duncan Joins Bentley School

Job Offer Transcription

Taylor Duncan Bentley job offer, 02.03.1949

Taylor Duncan Bentley job offer, 02.03.1949

The Bentley School of Accounting and Finance
921 Boylston Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts

February 3, 1949

Mr. Taylor A. Duncan
16 Washburn Avenue
Auburndale, Massachusetts

My dear Mr. Duncan:

The purpose of this letter is to confirm the offer made to you yesterday, which is as follows.

We are to pay you eight thousand, five hundred and twenty dollars ($8,520) for your services for the year ending June 30, 1950, payable in twelve equal monthly installments of seven hundred and ten dollars ($710) each, beginning July 31, 1949.

It is understood that this consists of the maximum base salary of seventy-two hundred dollars ($7,200) for teaching a day class and an Accounting IIB class two evenings a week. The balance of one thousand, three hundred and twenty dollars ($1,320) is to cover teaching an additional Accounting IIB class two evenings a week.

As I explained to you, there is no absolute assurance that we shall be able to give you two additional evenings of teaching thereafter, but we shall do so if we can.

If this offer is agreeable to you, please sign the original copy of this letter and return it to me.

This agreement is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting in June, 1949. However, I am of the opinion that they will accept my recommendation.

Very truly yours,
[signed] H C Bentley


APPROVED: __________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________

Newspaper Clipping Transcription

Taylor Duncan named to Bentley, news notice, n.d.

Taylor Duncan named to Bentley, news notice, n.d.

“T. A. Duncan Joins Bentley School: Appointed to Faculty as Full Time Instructor”

Taylor A. Duncan, B. S. C., C. P. A., has been appointed recently to the faculty of the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance as a full-time instructor. Duncan was engaged in public accounting in Pennsylvania for 18 years and is a certified public accountant of that state. He was a part-time instructor of accounting at Temple University and was at Girard College for six years.

transcriptions of 1949 job offer letter and newspaper clipping, courtesy of Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter)

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  • The Bentley School letterhead address is listed as “921 Boylston Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts.” Can someone explain what “Boston 15” referenced?
  • It’s interesting that Grandpa’s title was “Instructor,” v. “Assistant/Associate Professor,” which is today’s parlance for someone without a higher degree who teaches in a college/university, but is salaried v. adjunct. Do you recall his title ever changing as conventions shifted? How common was this title? Was everyone at the Bentley School called “Instructor”?
  • Do you remember if those possible additional evening classes came through? Was he often out at night teaching?
  • Do you recall meeting H. C. Bentley? What was he like?
  • Did Grandpa have a favorite subject/class to teach?
  • What does “IIB” stand for?

VJ Day to CPA

I was around for VJ Day [Aug 14, 1945], which was a great celebration. Firecrackers. It meant that all the boys were coming home. It was a great, great emotional day.

Taylor, Separation of Service from Navy 11.29.1946

Taylor, Separation of Service from Navy 11.29.1946

We stayed there [Drexel Hill] until 19—what was it?—1945 and then we moved to the Boston area, into Newton, in another subdivision of Newton, which was called Auburndale. We stayed there for many years. Dad [Taylor] had bought this house for something like $15-, $18,000, the whole house. It was a big house; a very big house; a big, white, wood house. Yes, in Auburndale.

[Heidi]: May I ask you? So Grandpa originally comes out of Kentucky, then moves to Massachusetts, then to Philadelphia, back to Massachusetts—what’s the draw to Massachusetts? What? Why? I know Philadelphia was. . . .

I think he was in Philadelphia before and that’s where he met Mom, Grandma, Virginia White Duncan. Or was it New York? I may well have been New York.

[Heidi]: It was New York where they met.

Now she was also in the Navy and she was a typist, secretary, shorthand, did shorthand, and I think met him in the work which she did with him. Now he was at the, by the end of the Second World War, he was manager of a large company that made airplanes for the war. But some of the airplanes never got used because the war ended.

Anyway we moved up to Boston.

[Heidi]: Do you know why?

Up in Boston there was a job at the Bentley school. And he had a job of teaching there. Now that school was in Boston itself. It’s now found in Waltham, Massachusetts, but then it was in Boston, not too far from the Prudential, near where that is now.

[Eric?]: He was in accounting.

He was an accountant, right.

[Eric?]: He was also a CPA.

Yeah. CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. He would, that was his, he enjoyed teaching. He was a good teacher.

He had gone to Boston University and he was one of the first students in that era that he was there to study accounting. And he was, I’m told, the best student that they had ever had early in the course of the teaching at the university in the accounting work.

story told by Steve to the family reunion gathering on January 10, 2014; recorded and transcribed by Dawn [Steve’s daughter]

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  • What stories of the war ending celebrations do you recall? Do you recall your parents telling you?
  • Lee, Betty, Steve: can you add details about what dinner with your family was like that night? What you and your friends did? What your mother or father said? Was there a special statement or service at church?
  • Do you ever remember watching Grandma take dictation in shorthand or translate shorthand back into regular text? Was she good at it? Do you have any samples of her work?
  • Does anybody have additional accountant/CPA stories from Grandpa that you’d like to share?

Virginia Donates Taylor’s Library to Bentley

Virginia Donates Taylor's Library to BentleyBentley College of Accounting and Finance
921 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

February 29, 1968

Mrs. Taylor A. Duncan
16 Washburn Avenue
Auburndale, Massachusetts

Dear Mrs. Duncan

I want to express our sincere gratitude to you for your generosity in donating Mr. Duncan’s book collection to the Bentley College Library. In as much as these books will be used both by students and faculty over the years, your gift will constitute a truly significant memorial to Mr. Duncan’s long association and interest in the Bentley School (College) of Accounting and Finance.

The photographs that you gave us will be put into the College archives. Henry Porter was able to identify all those present in the pictures. “The Competent Internal Auditor” will also be preserved in the archives of Bentley College.

It was very nice meeting you, and I very much appreciate the graciousness which you showed me during my visit to your home. I look forward to the pleasure of personally conducting you through the new Bentley College Library in Waltham when it opens in the Fall.

James A. Boudreau
Bentley College Library


letter discovered in Tad’s papers by Gloria Boyer (Tad’s daughter) and scanned at the family reunion, January 2014 by Dawn Harrell (Steve’s daughter) 

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  • Do you recall the size of the library donation in question? About how many books did Grandpa Taylor have in his collection?
  • What exactly is “The Competent Internal Auditor”? It sounds like a book or perhaps dissertation that Taylor wrote. Can anyone verify that?
  • Does anyone remember Grandma receiving the mentioned tour of the new library? Can you tell what you recall?

Taylor Takes a Job at Bentley

[Barb]: You had four children at Drexel Hill and somewhere along the line you had two more.

[Virginia]: Those were all in Massachusetts, after I got to Massachusetts.

[Barb]: During the war you were moving back and forth, Philly to Mass.

USS Squalus under construction at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in 1938, courtesy of wreckhunter dot net[Virginia]: I think—I don’t exaggerate—we moved first from Boston to Philadelphia. Back again to Boston again because Daddy [Taylor] was sent to the Navy yard. You know, before that he was all over. Then back again to Boston. This time he was sent to New Hampshire.

[Barb]: Portsmouth.

[Virginia]: To the Navy yard in New Hampshire, which was on the border. I mean, it was easy to get from there to where we lived. He was up there most of the time. It was many hours in between.

Bentley College, 921 Boylston Street, its location since 1919, photo after building facelift in 1962, courtesy of Bentley LibraryIn the meantime, he applied to the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance [now Bentley University, Department of Accountancy] because he could see the writing on the wall that the war [World War II, ended 1945] was going to end, you know. He wanted to be prepared, to see if he could get his job back as a teacher, as an instructor, as a professor. He was never a real professor because that’s a specialty, but he was an instructor under Bentley. Mr. Bentley was a very exacting man. My husband didn’t get along too well with him. As you can imagine, they were two of a kind. He thought an awful lot of my husband’s ability. I was always very proud to have him working there because you had to have a pretty good standing or you could never get a job in that school.

All this time our family was growing up. Wally especially was into this and that and the other thing because he was getting older. He had graduated from high school and college. He hadn’t graduated from college yet, but he was going into college, into Gordon, Gordon Seminary [now Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary]. He loved it very much but it was pretty confining and Wally never was one to be confined much. He always wanted to spread out.

partial conversation between Virginia and Barbara Duncan (Wally’s wife) in the summer of 1987, courtesy of Barbara Duncan

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  • What do you remember of all this moving around about which Grandma speaks?
  • Presumably Grandma is speaking about World War II when she says it was ending. Can you verify that?
  • Can you tell more about Grandpa’s work in Portsmouth, New Hampshire?
  • Can you tell us more about his work at Bentley?
  • Can you pin down the exact year that he went to work at Bentley? Had he worked there before the war?