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Duncan Clan Reunion Uproariously Good

June 1965 Family Reunion, courtesy of Colin Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor A. Duncan of 16 Washburn Ave., Auburndale, with their six children and families, hired a motel near Manchester, N. H. last weekend for their first family reunion in 13 years.

Betty, Taylor, Virginia, Wally, Harley perhaps, 06.12.1965, courtesy of Colin DuncanWeary but happy after the excitement of family baseball games, musical sessions, and en masse church attendance, Grandfather Duncan’s two-word description of the Friday-to-Sunday gathering was “uproariously good.”

The 28-member clan, lacking only one youngster who had the mumps, included Mrs. Willard Kindberg (Virginia Lee Duncan) and Mr. Kindberg, who have returned from the jungles of Peru where, since 1952, they have been working with the Campa Indians, translating and defining the language of the people, preparing young natives to teach it, and establishing schools. Mr. Kindberg is a translator with the Wycliffe Bible Translators, a Protestant mission society. Mrs. Kindberg was the first graduate of the nursing school at Wheaton College in Illinois. There are six children in their family.

Mrs. Harley Smith (Betty Duncan) and her husband and two children, [sic] home from Paris, France, where they operate a school for Greater Europe Mission (Protestant). Mr. Smith is business manager for the European Bible Institute in Lamorlaye, France. Mrs. Smith, a graduate of Wheaton College, Illinois, is a teacher of music.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wallace Duncan and their four children [sic] from East Haddam, Conn. Mr. Duncan is a quality control engineer with Winchester Electronics Co. in Waterbury. He is a B. A. graduate of Gordon College, Wenham.

The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Duncan and their three children [sic] of Mattapan, where Mr. Duncan is the minister of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church.

St. Louis, Mo., is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor A. Duncan Jr. Taylor, a graduate of Northrop Institute of Technology, Inglewood, Calif., is with McDonald Aircraft Co. in St. Louis.

The youngest son, Bertrand Stevens Duncan, was graduated this June from Boston University with a degree in psychology. “Steve” is working as a laboratory technician at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton. He plans to study medicine.

The senior Duncans, who will have been married 40 years on July 25, have lived in Newton since 1935. They left their first address on Hartford St., Newton Highlands, at the outbreak of World War II when Mr. Duncan reentered the service.

He had been in the Navy during World War I and after that had gone into public accounting, getting his CPA in 1925. He entered teaching when he was called upon to fill a temporary vacancy at Temple University in Philadelphia, continued on a part-time basis, and was later called upon to set up business courses at Girard College.

During World War II Cmdr. Duncan spent three years in Philadelphia where he was in charge of a $115 million airplane contract between the Navy and the Budd Co. Later he was transferred to Portsmouth, N. H., where he served as the yard’s fiscal officer.

Mr. Duncan says he has retired twice. He left the Navy as a captain in 1932. Then he worked for General Electric Co. for more than five years as manager of a special auditing project in which he organized a staff of auditors. He retired in 1957.

For five years before World War II and for five years afterward he taught accounting, economics, and finance at Bentley College. He has also taught in the Boston University School of Business Administration.

June, 17 1965 News-Tribune newspaper article entitled “Newton-Based Duncan Clan Reunion Uproariously Good, courtesy of Polly Duncan (Bob’s wife) via Colin Duncan (Bob’s son)

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  • Colin or Aunt Polly, what’s the name of the newspaper and the date of the edition in which this article appears? Best guess, anybody?
  • Which cousin had the mumps and couldn’t come? Can you tell who stayed home with you? Tell us about having the mumps. How long did it last? Did anyone else in the family get it?
  • Virginia, what year did Aunt Lee graduate from Wheaton as the first graduate of the nursing school? What was it like being the first graduate? What, exactly, does that mean? Was there no one else in her class? How big was her class? Was the program up and running or were there fits and starts? How long did it take her to get through? Why did she choose nursing? Why Wheaton?
  • Uncle Harley, Debby, Sandy, did Aunt Betty teach music in the school in Lamorlaye? Or did she take private students only? Did she teach anything else in the school? What was the school’s name? I presume it’s Aunt Betty playing the piano in the photo above. Am I right? Is Uncle Harley holding the trumpet?
  • Jimmy, Diane how long were you all in East Haddam? Why did you move? Can you describe your house? Remember your address? What ages were all the kids? How long was Uncle Wally with Winchester Electronics? Was he always quality control there or did he move around in jobs, up the ladder or otherwise? How did he get that job? Why did he leave?
  • Aha! The name of Uncle Bob’s church in Mattapan was St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church. Aunt Polly, what position did he serve there? What were his dates there? Was he still in seminary? Where did the Bob Duncans live at that time? How old were the kids? What happened to St. Paul’s that I can’t find anything about it on the web?
  • Gloria, Trey, how did Uncle Tad end up on the other side of the continent in California? What did he do with McDonald Aircraft? How long was he there? Did he move up in the ranks, move around? Why did he leave? What did he go to? Does your mom remember that time? What does she recall? How did they feel about moving to St. Louis?
  • Dad/Steve, can you tell about getting the lab tech job at St. E’s? How long were you there? I’ve never heard about that lab tech job. Why not? What else was going on at the time? Were you dating that painful pre-mom woman still?
  • Anything else anybody wants to tell us?

Will and Doug Launch a Rocket

Ball Field, Track, Sadie Hawkins Chase Field from High School side, Yarinacocha, Peru, courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013We are constantly reminded of your love through the gifts that you sent and we see or use daily. Will and Doug haven’t had too much time to work on the rocket, but they’re filling up today and all the neighbor children, as well as ours, are waiting until they can send it off. Great launching up on the school field. Then I meant to tell you how much the children from Eric down have enjoyed the Lego blocks. They’re a great invention and so much fun.

Second House, Yarinacocha, Peru, courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013We had McCarleys over for Sunday dinner 2 weeks ago and they told us all they could of you and your plans.

They’ve been assigned as prayer partners for the Campas, which mainly entails just what it says—prayer. We have, as you know, around 35 Campa men here, a few with their families and we want them, as well as our other prayer partners (Mother [Virginia Duncan], the dentist here, the Adams family) to get to know some of these fellows so we’re going to have a dinner together in another week. We meet every Tuesday after our group prayer meeting to pray specifically for the Campas. Then we’ve split up the Campas, putting a picture of each and something about them on cards and we pray with our family each day for them. We all need prayer but these fellows do, as temptations come from every side, especially when they’re out of their cultural environment, so we need to uphold them.

Thanks again for your gift that comes each month and for the gifts sent via McCarleys.

Gail and Doug have had strep throat this past week but the rest of us are well.

Pray for Will as discouragements come concerning translation, getting informants [?] here, etc.

personal letter from Lee to her husband’s sister and brother-in-law Shirley and Dale Coln, February 28, 1971, courtesy of Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter)

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  • Who are/were the McCarleys?
  • What people is Lee referring to by “Campas”? Why are they “here”? Where is “here”?
  • Can someone tell the rocket story more fully? Did it launch successfully? What kind of rocket was it? Where did it come down?
  • What translation was Will getting frustrated with in February of 1971?
  • There’s a word I had trouble with in the transcription. Are there such things as translation informants? Could this have been an abbreviation for “information”? Something else?
  • I’ve used photos of the second house here. That may not be correct. When did Kindbergs move from the first to the second house?
  • Tell us about Grandma Duncan living in Peru! Everyone must have stories. Did she live in your house? How long was she there? What did she do? Were you close to her?

Boys Tour, Parents Travel, Teletype Punches

First House, across from the Auditorium, photo courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013For you the Fall and Winter seasons are beginning, and for us the rains are becoming more frequent and the rainy season will soon be here. Thank you for praying for us over these past months. The Lord gave protection and a time of interesting vacation to Will, Bruce and Eric on their sightseeing around Peru by motorcycle. Shortly after their return, Will left on his trips to help some of the other missionaries with their translations and was gone over five weeks. Bruce left to accompany Rob Creese in his travels in Campaland, visiting the Ashaninca-Campa schools.  Bruce really enjoyed himself and learned a lot especially when he was alone for the week that Rob returned to the Base, due to his wife’s illness. 

Translators' Offices, Yarinacocha, Peru, photo courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013Imilio and Lee worked together on the dictionary while Will was gone, but as soon as Will returned at the end of August, they worked full-time on the translation of Hebrews. The first draft of Matthew was completed before Will left for the summer. How we do praise the Lord for wisdom and strength and good health that He’s given because of your and our prayers. Hebrews is now completed and both Matthew and Hebrews have been checked by the translation committee and are approved for printing.

First House, behind, Yarinacocha, Peru, photo courtesy of Kathy Courtright, May 20, 2013Will and Lee are going to be able to go out with Imilio and his family to his village of Quempiri to finish the translation of Revelation, to renew acquaintances out there, and to be with the Campas for a while. We trust that the Lord will enable us to complete the goals that we’ve set before ourselves. Pray! While we are there some of the Indians we have been helping to teach here will be conducting a local Bible Institute for the people of this area. This will be an historic first for the tribe. A meeting of church leaders is also planned.

The children will remain here at the Base, living in the Children’s Home, and going to school. Continue to pray for them at this time of separation. Most of them are quite excited about living in the dorm, but two of them would rather we didn’t leave.

The special teletype typewriters have arrived at our print shop and some of the Campa translation has been typed out on them. Tapes punched on those machines are sent to a computer in Mexico, which will print out the material in format. Because corrections, additions and subtractions can just be made on their original copy, hours and days of time will be saved in revisions of the manuscripts of the New Testament. Praise the Lord with us.

Casilla 2492
Lima, Peru

form letter from Will (Lee’s first husband) and Lee, October 1970, courtesy of Virginia Gorman (Lee’s daughter)

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  • I’m presuming the “Base” is Yarinacocha in Pucallpa, but what do I know! Can someone confirm that I’ve got all these names/locations right? Thanks.
  • Bruce, Eric, where did you go in Peru with your dad on a motorcycle? Can you tell the story of that trip?
  • Bruce, can you tell the story of being left alone for a week while Rob Creese returned to base? What did you “learn”? What did you experience?
  • What is Campaland? Does it describe a region? A people-group? What is Ashaninca-Campa in relation to the larger description “Campa”?
  • Which of the kids didn’t want mom and dad to leave? Which wanted to stay? Can you all say why? Can you tell what it was like to live in the dorm? How many other kids were there? How old/what grades were you in? How often did this happen?
  • Can someone talk about Imilio and his family? How long was he a translation helper? Did he become a friend of the family?
  • I’ve used photos of the first house here. That may not be correct. When did Kindbergs move from the first to the second house?