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Pastors Forget What You Said

[Bob]: It’s a tough one. We have little consistency in the churches I’ve served recently. People are very inconsistent. That’s all. They would wander in and wander out, you know. And know, there were many good Evangelical Christians. There just didn’t seem to be that commitment in a lot of the churches. It really was disappointing.

So, that sermon yesterday I could have easily preached in my church. I preached a different theme: “Keep On Keeping On.”

[Lee]: Harley said he liked the sermons.

[Bob]: Yes. Yes. And I can understand that. It was a very good sermon.

[Lee]: Nice young. . . . We went there . . . Christmas eve?

[Polly]: Christmas eve.

[Lee]: Yeah. We went there and met with the people. The pastor was going to get me a copy of . . . something, I suppose by, not a member of the church, but somebody outside the church, and he had to pay for it, and [can’t hear], but. . . .

[Polly]: Maybe someday.

[Bob]: Well, one of the good suggestions of a church of any size is that somebody—like a secretary—stand next to you. And when people come through and you talk about this kind of thing, that the other person is writing it down.

Tape Recorder Handheld[Virginia]: Oh, take notations.

[Lee]: Or like you did. You had a little tape recorder.

[Bob]: Yah, I did for a while.

[Virginia]: Oh, really?

[Bob]: Yah. Yah. You know, I would just record what they wanted and take care of it later. But somebody stole the tape recorder.

[Polly]: That was the end of it.

[Lee]: Oh, no.

[Bob]: I think my first suggestion was don’t let anybody steal this.

[Ken]: They did what?

[Bob]: They stole my tape recorder. I had a hand tape recorder.

[Ken]: Oh. Oh, I missed all of that.

[Bob]: A very small cassette—it was nice, but somebody stole it out of my office.

transcription of a conversation between Bob, Polly (Bob’s wife), Lee, Ken (Lee’s husband), and Virginia (Lee’s daughter) during a visit to California in January 2004, courtesy of Virginia

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  • What church/year was Bob’s recorder stolen from?
  • Did he actually push the record button while someone was standing there or just make himself a recorded note as they walked away?
  • Can you remember which text he liked to preach “Keep On Keeping On” from. I can guess, but do you know?
  • Did Aunt Lee ever get her thing from the pastor? What was that thing?